Tom Vertin

Headshot of Tom
Thomas M. Vertin currently serves as the California Market Credit Executive for First Bank, an out-of-state bank that focuses on family-owned businesses, commercial real estate, and wealth management.
Mr. Vertin served as CEO for Golden State Bank and Pacific Mercantile Bank (sold to Banc of Cal) and interim CEO at Nano Banc. Prior to the CEO role, Mr. Vertin held various positions at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), including as its Chief Operating Officer.
Mr. Vertin served on the Board of Governors of the Commonwealth Club of California, the oldest and largest public affairs forum in the country. Mr. Vertin was a member of the adjunct faculty (part-time) at San Jose State College of Business for nine years.
Prior to banking, Mr. Vertin spent three years with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland, in various administrative roles.
Mr. Vertin graduated from San Jose State and received an MA in Public Administration from San Jose State.