Loan Solutions

Timely financing is an essential factor in business success

It starts with hard work, strong leadership and detailed planning. But growing businesses also require a deep dive into meeting your financing needs to reach their full potential. Whether you're seeking to acquire real estate, purchase equipment, stock up on inventory or expand a facility, Golden State Bank's experienced commercial lenders can help you obtain the ideal loan for your mission.
  • Commercial Real Estate Loan: For purchase of commercial property or refinancing your current loan with better terms. Loans for owner-occupied and investment properties. 
  • Business Operating Term Loan: For long-term needs such as major asset acquisitions. Fixed-rate or variable-rate loans offered with fixed repayment terms.
  • Strategic Bridge Financing Solutions: Exclusively structured for entrepreneurs, investors and developers. Golden State Bank meticulously addresses your intricate lending requirements, providing solutions that are as comprehensive as they are customized. These sophisticated financial products serve as an indispensable tool in bridging the interim between acquisition and subsequent financing phases, thereby ensuring the continuous advancement and fruition of real estate initiatives
  • Construction Loan: For constructing commercial, retail, industrial, multi-family, gas stations, car washes, and investment residential properties from the ground up or making additions or upgrades to your current property.
  • Non-owner Occupied Residential Financing: This offers real estate investors the capital they need to acquire, refurbish, or leverage equity from their investment properties, facilitating portfolio expansion and wealth accumulation.
  • Lines of Credit: For short-term borrowing needs of business owners, developers, and entrepreneurs.

Flexible financing from a relationship lender that can grow with your business.

When capital becomes a requirement, various options are available to support ventures. These funding avenues provide the essential resources to realize ideas, manage operations, and your entrepreneurial needs.

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