Nicholas Nadjarian

Headshot of Nick

Nicholas Nadjarian has been the Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Motor Power Corporation since 2012. He is the 2nd Executive to lead the company since IMP was founded in 1981.

A native of Los Angeles, California, Nicholas has championed the transformation of IMP into a high-technology company catalyzing the real-world execution of sales and installation in the new-surplus and used power generation sector. He has streamlined and expanded the company’s reach throughout all industries it serves including Oil & Gas, Mining, Drilling, Marine et al.
Prior to being appointed chief executive officer, Nicholas served as senior trader and chief financial officer in 2007. In 2004, he began developing a proprietary client relations management database specific to IMP’s needs, and expanded the company’s software development into its inventory tracking, thereby increasing the speed at which client needs are met. Since implementing his high-tech solutions in the otherwise low-tech industry, and through his continued leadership, IMP has seen annual revenue growth of exceeding 250% year over year. Prior to joining IMP, Nicholas worked at Good Swartz Brown & Berns LLP as Senior CPA, specializing in mid-tier audit advisory and tax.

He is a Board Director of Golden State Bank, and a member of the Wooden Athletic Fund. Nicholas is also a contributor to numerous political and cultural foundations including the Armenian American Missionary Association, City of Hope, and the Armenian National Committee of America. He was previously a National Youth Leadership invitee, and spoke to the House of Representatives on the current state of social security. He earned his Bachelor’s in Business Economics with a Minor in Accounting from University of California at Los Angeles.