Personal Banking Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How can you guarantee the security of my banking information?

We have extremely high criteria to guarantee the security of your banking information online. A few of these are listed below:

  • Your banking information never travels the Internet without encryption protection
  • Log-in sessions have a time-out limit and after the limit is reached you are required to log-in again
  • PIN guessing is deterred and reported

Internet security is not a once-and-for-all task. We are constantly developing and implementing security enhancements to ensure the integrity of our Internet Banking system.

Can I use Online Banking if I only have a CD, Loan, or Savings Account?

Yes. If you have any Golden State Bank account—CD, Loan, Savings, or Checking product—you can get Internet Banking at no cost. You must have a checking account to use Bill Payment.

How can I add or delete an account from Online Banking?

You may do so by contacting a Client Service Representative at the bank.

How can I reset my Online Banking Account password?

You can call a Client Service Representative during regular business hours. You can also enable the password self reset option to allow you to reset your password in the future.

What do I need to gain access to Online Banking?

To get started, you may either self enroll by clicking on the link below, which will open a new page. Or contact a Client Service Representative at the bank to sign up to use this service.

Click Here to Enroll for Personal Online Banking

If you have already signed up, you may access the system by entering the ID and Password that you were given when you signed up for this service.

What does Online Banking cost?

Internet Banking and Bill Payment are provided at no cost to all customers.

What services are offered through Online Banking?

  • Unlimited in the number and type of accounts to access
  • Transfer funds between all checking and savings accounts (regulatory limitations may apply)
  • Transaction history on all deposit and loan accounts
  • Check Imaging with front and back images on all cancelled checks
  • Obtain account information on your Checking, Savings, CD’s, and Loan
  • Stop payment on checks drawn on your checking account (stop payment charges may apply)
  • Bill Payment Option—access the designated checking account to pay bills
  • Bank to Bank Transfers

Will Online Banking be available to me all the time?

It will be available virtually anytime, day or night, 7 days a week. However, there may be times when it is temporarily unavailable due to nightly processing updates, regular maintenance, or technical difficulties.

Are there any merchants that I cannot pay through the bill payment service?

Yes. Bill payment is limited to locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam and US Military in the Americas, US and Pacific.

Can I have multiple payments to the same payee on the same day?

You can make multiple payments to the same payee as long as the payment amounts are different. For your protection, the system will not pay duplicate items in the same day.

Can I set up recurring payments?

Yes. You can set up recurring payments in the following frequencies:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Semi-Monthly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-Annually
  • Annually

How do I know if a merchant is electronic or check?

Once you set up the merchant, you can look at the VIEW PAYEES screen, which includes a field that indicates if the merchant is electronic or check.

How far in advance can I schedule payments?

You may schedule payments as far in the future as you want. Recurring payments can have an ending date of any year in the future.

How far in advance should I set up a payment to ensure it is paid on time?

Check payments should be scheduled at least 5 business days in advance of when you want the payment to be posted at the payee. Electronic payments should be made 3 business days in advance of when you want the payment to be posted at the payee.

How many payees may I set up?

You may have unlimited payees.

Is there any minimum and maximum payment amount?

No. There is no minimum amount. The maximum amount is limited to the balance in your account.

What does the "status" field indicate on the PAYMENT HISTORY PAGE?

Status and Definitions

Payment Pending - The payment has been processed, but not yet sent

Payment Processed - The payment has been processed and sent

Hold - The payment has a research request on it and has not been processed

Stopped - You have requested the payment to be stopped. It cannot be processed again

What happens if I have a scheduled payment that falls over a weekend or holiday?

Scheduled payments that fall over a weekend will be processed on Friday evening prior to the weekend. Any new payments that are scheduled during the weekend, for the current weekend, will be processed on Sunday night. Holiday processing is done the business day before the holiday.

When will the money be taken out of my account for Bill Payments?

Your account will be debited on the day the payment is scheduled if the payment is sent electronically. If the payment is made by check, the funds will be debited when the check clears your account, just like any check you would write. To ensure adequate funds are available in your account, it is a good practice to have the funds in your account on the scheduled payment date.

Will the memo field that I fill out when setting up a payment be passed on to the merchant?

No. The memo field is for your personal records; however, the account number that you entered when you added the payee to your Personal Payee List is printed on the check.

Who do I call if I have problems with Bill Payment?

You can call a Golden State Bank’s Client Service Representative. 

Domestic Wire Instructions

If you would like to initiate a transfer please contact any of our associates by calling one of our branches. 

International Wire Instructions

If you would like to initiate an International transfer please contact any of our associates by calling one of our branches.

How do I sign up for Mobile Banking?

Logon to Online Banking and under the Mobile Banking Tab, Mobile Web Settings will appear. Ensure that you check the box to "Enable web access for your mobile device," and also select the accounts that will show in the mobile account listing within the mobile app. Please remember to check the box for any account(s) added in the future.