Customized Business Loans

Our team of lending experts will work closely with you to customize a loan package that meets the financial needs and goals of your business. We offer competitive rates, flexible terms and a variety of repayment options. 

Golden State Bank is primarily a business bank, and as such prides itself for understanding the banking needs of businesses of all types and sizes. We understand that businesses need to manage their cash flows and provide the necessary resources for capital expenditures, equipment, and adequate inventory. 

According to its profile of a business bank, The Bank offers the following types of business loans:

  • Business Operating Term Loan: We can help your business meet long-term needs such as major business asset acquisitions. These loans are offered with fixed and variable rates with a fixed repayment term.
  • Equipment Financing Loan: If your business needs equipment without constricting cash flow, this is the loan for you. It can minimize tax liability, conserves credit and capital, and allows for equipment upgrades. 
  • Letters of Credit: Whether your business is in need of a Standby Letter of Credit or a Commercial Letter of Credit, we can assist you either as a buyer or seller of goods and services.

Should you be interested in any one of the above-mentioned business loans or to merely discuss the wide range of credit facilities available to you, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Relationship Bankers.