Management Team

Tom Byington  President and Chief Executive Officer
Yvonne Chen  Executive Vice President: Acting Chief Financial Officer
Mercedes Herrera  Executive Vice President: Chief Credit Officer
Bert Slezinger  Senior Vice President: Credit Administrator
Maricela Miranda  Senior Vice President: BSA & Compliance Officer
Kenneth Shellem  Senior Vice President: Enterprise Risk Management
Alex Alyuzman  Senior Vice President: Relationship Manager
Julio Pineda  Senior Vice President: Relationship Manager
Joseph F. Karbum  Senior Vice President: Credit Services Administrator
Nikki Almazan  Vice President: Information Technology Director
Silvia Kradjian  Vice President: Branch Administrator
Janet Vartanian  Assistant Vice President: Central Services Manager
Natalie Geaglone  Assistant Vice President: Client Services Manager
Monique Cash  Assistant Vice President: Client Services Manager
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